What We Believe

Our Mission:

Christ Church exists to be disciple-making disciples of Jesus in La Grande, to see His gospel reach all tribes, all tongues, all nations to the ends of the earth through the planting of church-planting churches.

It is our mission as Christ-followers in La Grande first to know and honor God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and then to make Him known to the Grande Ronde Valley and beyond.

As a new church we think of ourselves as a family of missionaries. Church planting is about living and interacting on mission with those in our community who are not involved in an existing church, those who God loves and is still calling to Himself. This means, culturally, we will be missionally engaged on the margins and that will often look and feel a lot less "churchy" than some might expect. We will proclaim Christ while thinking, praying, and building relationships with those who still yet need Jesus as Savior.

The Gospel:

We believe the Gospel as found in Scripture, delivered once for all, is the power of God for the salvation to all who believe. The word 'gospel' literally translates as good news. It is the good report of Jesus Christ, who is fully God and became fully man in order redeem and reconcile mankind with our Creator through his perfect life and substitutionary death. It isn't difficult to see the brokenness in our world or to understand that death is the enemy of life and we all face it whether we like it or not. The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus, God who entered the mess, is the only One capable of making it right again. He did and is doing just that. The Gospel of Jesus is meant to be proclaimed, that's what preaching is, and the Gospel is the power of God that creates life in the believer by grace through faith. 

The Bible:

We believe the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. The Bible is complete and sufficient in that it contains everything we need to know for salvation in Jesus and it is the final authority on matters of faith and how to live our lives. T
he Bible is not merely a manual for Christian living, a moral compass, or map to a better life. The Bible is ultimately God's Word about Jesus and He stands at the blazing center of it all.

The Godhead:

We believe in one Triune God, the uncaused-cause, the Creator of all things, eternally self-existent in three persons - Father, Son, and Spirit. He is love, He is power, He is justice, He is mercy, He is God. 

Jesus Christ:

We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God who was born to the Virgin Mary becoming fully man without ceasing to be fully God. Jesus came to reveal God and redeem sinful man. We believe His death on the cross provided the full payment for our sin. We believe Jesus rose bodily from the dead three days later, ascended to heaven where He is now seated at the right hand of God. We believe that Jesus is coming again to judge the living and the dead.

The Holy Spirit:

We believe that the Holy Spirit is a person of the Triune Godhead who convicts the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. We believe He dwells in all believers, seals unto the day of redemption, and empowers us to live a godly life. It is essential for the Holy Spirit to do His work of regeneration in order for lost and sinful man to obtain salvation.


We believe man is alienated from God from the Fall, and yet God provided for our salvation through His Son Jesus who shed His blood for our sins on the cross. We believe God is sovereign in saving sinners by grace alone and salvation is received by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Scripture we are already as good as dead apart from Jesus, so, salvation is always a miraculous work because salvation is always a resurrection.


Baptism is considered of high value at Christ Church. We think of it as a tangible, public, outward declaration of the internal transformation brought about by the power of the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring lost souls to saving faith in Christ Jesus to glory of God.


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