Tanner and Gayle Sheahan

Kaed, Maggie, Claire, Charlie

Tanner and Gayle started dating in high school in 1997 and, as they say, that was that. Gayle completed school to be a dental assistant while Tanner studied Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State and they were married in the August heat of 2003. Tanner worked as a Fieldman for Crop Production Services in Tangent, OR after graduation in 2005 and their first son Kaed was born in 2008. Maggie, Claire, and Charlie came along in the following years. The Sheahan family was involved as members at Valley Life Church in Lebanon, OR from it's plant date in early 2006.

The call to church planting came in 2011 as, at first, an interruption to a quiet, successful, well-thought-out life that seemed to be going according to plan. God had other plans though. This interrupting call grew into a motivating passion for the advancement of the church, preaching the Gospel, and making disciples of Jesus Christ. It has charted a new course for the Sheahan family and shaped their view and mission for the years ahead.

Several years of transition, planning, training and equipping in the local church at Valley Life have led them to plant Christ Church in La Grande, OR beginning with a move in 2017. By God's great grace through the work of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Tanner and his family desire to see the name of Jesus proclaimed and new disciples gathered as a local church family under the name Christ Church. Exciting times!

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