Christ Church is live-streaming Sunday Services on the Christ Church YouTube Channel every Sunday morning at 10am.

Here is a recent video from our current sermon series. Hit that subscribe button for reminders each week.

Past sermon series available on video:
     Brave New World (2021)

     Advent 2020

     The Final Days of Jesus (2020)  

     September in the Psalms (2020)

     What is the Church? (2020)


Here is a sample sermon from Palm Sunday.

Sermon Audio

Sermon audio is available to stream on several platforms. Connect, subscribe, follow at the links below.
On Google Podcasts

Church Center App for Christ Church

The Church Center App for Christ Church provides quick, mobile access to information about Gospel Communities, upcoming events, and a seamless way to give to the mission of Christ Church digitally. 

Click the button below to download the Church Center App for Android or iOS then follow the prompts to connect with Christ Church and set up a profile.




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