Thursday, October 21, 2021


As we navigate what it means to "be the church" in a post-COVID world, as hope-filled followers of Jesus we lean into the challenges facing us. Considering setbacks to be a form of blessing, in that growth often takes place through difficulty, we are not discouraged. We have made great strides in the effort to see the Gospel proclaimed widely although we can't yet reliably gather in person. This has been a season of #gatheringscattered. It's a season of both grace and courage as we operate by faith not fear.

With mission in mind and a desire to remain about the business of making disciples of Jesus, Christ Church is now live streaming Sunday services at 10am. As guidelines and recommendations change we are making adjustments to accommodate in-person gatherings. This is a big step forward after a challenging year! Current guidelines and our partnership with HQ allow 50% capacity on Sunday mornings.

Here is the first sermon from a recent series through the first three chapters of Revelation - Letters to Young Churches. The Revelation to John has always swirled around in controversy and confusion. But as a letter to the Church written in the apocalyptic genre and filled with biblical imagery and prophecy, it's more accessible than we tend to think. In this series we will study through the first three chapters looking primarily at the letters to the seven churches. In these letters, literally words from Jesus Himself, we will continue to define who we are as a church. Take some time to listen here, subscribe to the Christ Church YouTube Channel, and join us Sunday mornings live at 10am.

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