Wednesday, May 1, 2019


I'm guessing you arrived on this page through any number of avenues, a Facebook link or an Instagram post, a Google search, maybe you typed it in the old fashioned way from an invitation card or a poster you saw around town. There's a bit of an analogy there, so however you got here, welcome.

Church-planting is a beautiful mess but that is God's specialty, creating beauty from the mess, bringing order from chaos, breathing life where there wasn't. It's absolutely fantastic to be a part of what God is already doing in La Grande. 

Christ Church has been meeting downtown in a cool spot called hq venue since November, 2018. Pastor Tanner is currently preaching through The Gospel of Mark and it has taken us the better part of this year, so throw in with us.

The main thing you need to know about Christ Church is that we are about Jesus. We have a simple name and a simple mission, to see the radically scandalous Gospel of Jesus advance in our city, for by it lives are transformed. The Gospel gives life. We're all busted up in various ways and we all need Jesus. Gospel means "good news," radically scandalous good news. 

If you think you know what Christians are about, if you think you've heard all this before, if you're skeptical, questioning, suspicious, if you're broken and hurt and beat down and exhausted by the constant rat race of life marching every one of us toward the grave, if the Gospel does not yet sound like sweet news of freedom and redemption, come hear it again.

Browse this website for some more information but more importantly than that, don't stop at the website or social media. We're meant to actually do life together, that's both the beauty and the mess. Come be a part of a new church with an old message that creates life in a cool spot downtown Sunday mornings. Doors open at 9:30 with coffee, food, and conversation, and the service begins at 10am.

We're a rag-tag bunch of nobodies trying to tell everybody about Jesus. 
You'll fit right in.

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