You can check out the social media links to the right but better than that, come hang with us Sunday mornings downtown. 

What to Expect on a Sunday:

First of all, come as you are. We have no dress code or expectation of what you should or should not look like. Anyone and everyone is invited and welcome to join us. Christ Church is a lot like a hospital; come in with any ailment, need, hurt, or hardship, and when you arrive Gospel treatment begins. 

  • The doors open 30 minutes early with coffee and food to facilitate conversation and fellowship. We'd really like to hang out for a bit so plan to come early.
  • We aim for a total service time of around 1:15 to 1:30. There will be some time to hang out afterwards as well.
    • The service begins with two gospel-centered, modern, upbeat, and God-exalting worship songs led by our guitar driven band. All song lyrics are projected on the screen behind the stage.
    • The opening songs are followed by the Snapshot, a brief chance to zoom out and look at our vision and mission as a church or make announcements as needed.
  • Pastor Tanner preaches for about 40 minutes aiming to illuminate the person, work, and Gospel of Jesus Christ from all of Scripture. All sermons are and will be firmly anchored in the Christian Bible and preached in our common, everyday speech so that it is easily accessible. 
    • We use the English Standard Version of the Bible for its easy readability, accurate translation, and faithfulness to the original Biblical languages. You'll be able to follow along if you own or prefer another version.
    • There are Bibles available for use on the Welcome Table each week. If you do not own a Bible we want you to keep one of them as a gift from us.
  • Following the sermon we take Communion (also known as The Lord's Supper) each week to "remember Jesus through the bread and the cup," walk out an act of faith in Jesus Christ, and proclaim His life, death, and resurrection until he returns. 
    • This is also the point in the service for giving (tithes/offerings) intentionally and explicitly set as part of worship as we "give back to God a portion of what He has given us." Digital giving is also available.
  • The sermon is followed by three more worship songs led by the band. And finally, we close with the Doxology a capella as a way to join with Christians all over the world and down through history by singing a very old song with just our voices.
If you have any questions or concerns about joining Christ Church this week, please feel free to email Pastor Tanner.

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  1. This is a wonderful, small, yet growing, congregation. Pastor Tanner has a way of preaching that makes the Bible come to life. I have a hard time understanding the Bible when I read it, but get so involved when I listen to Pastor Tanner explain it straight from the Bible. I have been to many churches and have listened to many preaching's, that are summaries or interpretations of the Bible, but here you hear the true word and meaning spoken by God himself through Pastor Tanner's teachings. Great for new Christians, well established Christians or anyone that is interested and trying to find a good a foundation to begin.


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